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New Orleans Celebrates American Craft Beer Week

Join us for Good Beer and Good Fun at American Craft Beer Week

It’s a great time for beer drinkers in New Orleans. American Craft Beer Week celebrations kick off beginning today. And, there’s plenty to celebrate. There are more local suds being sold in the area than ever before.

In the last year, five new breweries have opened in New Orleans. There are three companies now offering brewery tours in the city.

Patrick Healy, with New Orleans’ Original Brewery Tour, offers tours seven days a week. He says New Orleans’ beer scene has changed a lot in one year, and is making quite a splash.

“It’s exploding! We can barely keep up with it,” says Healy. “We’re seeing breweries opening left and right. It’s just been one brewery after the other. There’s a lot of great beer.”

In 2012, New Orleans had one production brewery and two brewpubs, and there were eight breweries in the state. Louisiana now has 34 breweries, including brewpubs.

He says the city has come along way since the days of Dixie and Jax, so why not celebrate our brewery success at American Craft Beer Week.

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